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Feeding America – Go Orange Campaign

Take Action Against Hunger This September and Go Orange

Facebook Icon - I Am Feeding America - Hunger Action Month 2013September is Hunger Action Month, when the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks unites to urge individuals to take action in their communities.  The goal of Hunger Action Month is to mobilize the public to act on behalf of Feeding America and our food bank network. It is our opportunity to create a movement throughout September that has a real and lasting impact on our mission to help end hunger in America.
This September, join the Vermont Foodbank, Feeding America and Together, We Can Solve Hunger™. As individuals, charities, businesses and government, we all have a role to play in getting food to those in need.

Take Action to Help Solve Hunger

How can you help? This September, we are asking you to take simple actions.


Take Action Online:

Take Action In Your Community:

  • Display the Go Orange poster at your business.
  • Wear orange on September 5th.
  • Volunteer at the Vermont Foodbank
  • TAKE the 3SquaresVT/SNAP Challenge and live on just $4.50 a day, the daily average per person benefit.
  • Sell limited edition orange Vermont Foodbank euro stickers for $1 and help create 3 meals for your neighbors in need.

Go Orange Campaign

Are you are a business or organization interested in Going Orange during September? Orange is the color of the anti-hunger movement.  To show their support in the fight against hunger during Hunger Action Month, business owners and organizations in cities and towns across America will Go Orange for the month of September. Here are some ways you can get involved.

  • Sell Orange: Businesses can sell limited edition orange Vermont Foodbank bird stickers for $1.  Each purchase will help the Foodbank provide 3 meals for our neighbors in need.
  • Use Orange: Businesses can decorate their storefronts and display windows in the coloe orange to show their support in the fight against hunger.
  • Share Orange: Use an orange profile or cover photo on your Facebook page for the month of September.  Also make sure to “like” the Vermont Foodbank and share our Hunger Action updates to help spread the word.
  • Wear Orange: Join food banks and businesses nationwide in taking action against hunger by wearing orange on Thursday, September 5th.

If you are a business or organization interested in Going Orange during September, please complete the Go Orange Form or download the form here. Stephani Kononan, our Marketing & Promotions Manager, will follow up with you soon.  If you have questions, contact her at or 802-477-4121.

The following Vermont businesses participated in previous Go Orange Campaigns:

* indicates 2013 participants

Antique Mansion B&B, Rutland*
Bagitos Bagel and Burrito Café, Montpelier*
Barre Opera House, Barre*
Bear Pond Books, Montpelier*
Bob’s Camera & Video, Barre*
Brattleboro Food Co-op, Brattleboro*
Buch Spieler, Montpelier*
Burrows Specialized Sports
Capital Stationers, Montpelier*
Central Market, Rutland*
Clean Slate Café
Coffee Corner
Coffee Exchange, Rutland*
Dewey Cafeteria at Vermont College of Fine Arts
Elliot Street Café
Espresso Bueno, Barre*
Exile on Main Street, Barre*
First in Fitness, Berlin*
First in Fitness, Montpelier*
Global Gifts, Montpelier*
Grafton Village Cheese Co.
Kitchen Sync, Brattleboro*
La Brioche Bakery and Café, Montpelier*
Linden Gardens, Brattleboro*
Mad Taco, Montpelier*
McGillicuddy’s, Montpelier*
Montpelier Pharmacy, Montpelier*
National Life Group Cafeteria
NECI on Main, Montpelier*
New England Culinary Institute’s Administrative Office, Montpelier*
Once Upon a Time Toys, Stowe*
One More Time
Onion River Kids, Montpelier*
Onion River Sports, Montpelier*
Paramount Center, Rutland*
Petals & Things
Pinky’s on State, Montpelier*
Postive Pie 2
Rivendell Books, Montpelier*
Rubber Bubbles
Salaam Boutique
Shin La Restaurant & Sushi Bar, Brattleboro*
Simply Subs, Barre*
Simply Subs, Montpelier*
Sovernet Communications, Bellows Falls*
Sweet Melissa’s, Montpelier*
Tattersall’s, Rutland*
The Book Garden
The Knitting Studio
The Shoe Horn Boutique, Montpelier*
The Works Bakery Café
Three Penny Taproom
Vermont Artisan Designs, Brattleboro*
West Hill Shop
Woodbury Mountain Toys, Montpelier*
Zutanos Children’s Clothing

The Alchemist and Lawson’s Finest Grab Silver in 2012 WBC

Once again breweries from “little” Vermont, The Alchemist and Lawson’s Finest, have scored beer medals in the international World Beer Cup (WBC) competition. Held this year in San Diego, the WBC is quite likely the most prestigious beer competition in existence. Let me lay out a few numbers for you from this year’s WBC competition, just to give you a sense of the magnitude of these two VT brewery’s accomplishment…

World Beer Cup (WBC)

Beers entered 3,921
Breweries 799
Countries 54
Styles 95
Judges 211
Judges (Countries) 27










In this year’s competition, The Alchemist scored its 2012 WBC Silver Medal for its “Luscious” in the British-style Imperial Stout category. Some of you may remember that this was one of the beers rescued after the devastating flood that occurred during Hurricane Irene in August of 2011; the damage of which eventually caused the very unfortunate closing of The Alchemist Pub & Brewery in downtown Waterbury, VT. The rescue of this beer was one of the bright spots in Vermont beer history, as four Vermont breweries (Alchemist, Harpoon, Hill Farmstead and Rock Art) joined hands to ensure that this very special beer made it to the marketplace. All proceeds from the eventual sale of this beer were used to aid the recovery of Waterbury, which incurred extensive damage from the flood waters.

For Lawson’s Finest, the 2012 WBC Silver Medal was earned for their excellent Maple Tripple. This beer is uniquely brewed only once each year during “sugaring season” (Spring) using maple sap, instead of water, from Paul Marble’s maple sugar operation in Fayston, VT. The only other ingredients for this beer are malted barley, hops and ale yeast (and just a bit of maple syrup for carbonation).

Both of these brewers have previously won awards at the WBC… a Bronze Medal for Lawson’s Finest for Maple Tripple in 2010’s “Specialty Beer” category… and for The Alchemist a Gold Medal for Celia Saison in 2010’s “Gluten-Free” category.

I can speak from my own personal experience that both of the these beers are some of the best I have ever had.

Sean Lawson Stumbles in 2012 NIPAC Competition

Well there is no happiness in Lawsonville… the NIPAC results from last weekend’s second round have been posted and Sean’s Chinooker’d IPA fell to High Water Brewing’s Hop Riot IPA… bummer…

You can check the results at

From the HopPress: Prohibition… FAIL!

From the HopPress: Prohibition... FAIL!


My latest featured article for RateBeer’s The HopPress… posted on Saturday, April 9th.

This last week marked the anniversary of the beginning of the end of Prohibition; an event that is celebrated, nationally, in the form of New Beer’s Eve and National Beer Day. In celebration of this annual event, I think that it is worth a look back at the “whos, whys and wheres” of Prohibition, sometimes called the“Nobel Experiment”, the counterculture that it invoked and why it was such a complete and total failure.

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Happy Days Are Here Again...

From the HopPress: March Madness, NIPAC Style

From the HopPress: March Madness, NIPAC Style

My latest featured article for RateBeer’s The HopPress… posted on Saturday, March 26th.

It’s that time of the year when men’s (and women’s) fancies turn to thoughts of Spring and all of the attention and excitement that can bring. I’m talking about basketball, of course… what were you thinking? The NCAA basketball tournament is in full swing and I have to admit, while my final pick is still in the running, my “bracket” is a little worse for wear at this point. Another sign of the season is a tournament of a different sort run by the Brewing News magazine; an intense competition between 128 IPA-style beers, called NIPAC – National IPA Competition – to see who would be this year’s best IPA beer.

The judges for this event are all brewers and beer connoisseurs, from all over the US, which meet during the tournament to grade each IPA pairing. These judges are organized in panels of 3 and are served the pair of beers to be judged without knowing what the beers are (blind tasting). Within the 3-member panel, the majority vote determines which of the beers in the judged pair wins. I don’t have any idea who you have to know (or?) to get to be one of these judges, but as a professed and acknowledged hop head, I would want/need/love to be a part of the judging for this event (hint, hint)!

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From the HopPress: March Madness, NIPAC Style

From the HopPress: Beers of the Full Moon

From the HopPress: Beers of the Full Moon

My latest featured article for RateBeer’s The HopPress… posted on Saturday, March 19th.

Today, March 19th, the earth’s only moon will reach its closest point to earth (221,565 miles) in nearly 19 years. For those of you lucky enough to be able to see it, this so called “supermoon” will be, according to NASA, about 18% bigger and 30% brighter than the average full moon that we are all accustomed to seeing each month. The moon travels in an elliptical orbit about the earth and each month has both a maximum distance from the earth (it’s apogee) and a minimum distance (it’s perigee). Tonight’s full moon coincides with the closest perigee of the 19-year long full moon cycle… and it is going to look spectacularly like nearly every other full moon you have ever seen. Sorry to get your hopes up…

Enough with the science lesson as the real question to be answered here today is whether or not full moons, not to mention the unusual full moon this month, can contribute to better beer? There is much folk lore about the supposed benefit and detriment of full moons; such as the benefit of planting or harvesting of crops or the supposed rise in crime or mental illness (lunacy?) that may occur during these events. Why not suppose that this lunar cycle can affect the beer as it is being brewed?

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From the HopPress: Beers of the Full Moon

The Koenemann Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkey

Well… its all over but the leftovers and the heady aroma of the beginnings of turkey soup simmering away on the stove. After nearly a week of preparation, my wife Candy presented my kids and me with a truly magnificent dinner early this afternoon. In spite of her disappointment that it was just four of us this year (not that she really minded spending the day with her family, of course), she put together one of the best Thanksgiving meals in my recent memory. For me, everything was perfect… for Candy, she seemed happy with the meal… translated for all of the rest of you, that means that she thought that she had done a good job. Candy is a terrific cook (just looking at me you can tell), but she is hesitant to praise her own efforts without good cause… she is really a perfectionist when it comes to cooking for others.

Our children, Cindy and Jamie, have now headed back to their respective homes in the Burlington area… boxes and bags of Thanksgiving leftovers and other items retrieved from the “Koenemann Family Store” in hand. They both got a good natured, but stern warning from me to be careful of the weather if they ventured out into the early morning craziness of the “Black Friday” shopping phenomenon… not something that you would never catch me within 10 miles of. The weather here is supposed to turn quite nasty around midnight… sleet, snow and freezing rain… and that is to continue until around noon tomorrow. None of us have to work tomorrow, so there is not pressing need to be out and about in such crappy weather. I fully intend to enjoy a nice quiet day off tomorrow. I originally was supposed to have a nice 4-day weekend, but a very large, complicated and high risk system upgrade project got moved to this weekend and I expect to be up most of the night on Saturday working on that… not alone this time, fortunately. The “why” of how this project got scheduled for this weekend I’ll leave to another time… it is a sad tale!

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Meal

From the HopPress: Growler Time in Vermont

From the HopPress: Growler Time in Vermont

My latest featured article for RateBeer’s The HopPress… posted on Saturday, November 20th.

I am sitting here enjoying some nice fresh beer in the comfort of my home (a Victory Prima Pils), which I poured from a growler. This simple and enjoyable act is thanks, in part, to a recent change in the beer laws here in Vermont. Growlers sales are on an upward trend nationwide and Vermont has joined a growing number of states that allow larger quantities of “fresh” beer to be sold in retail locations other than a brewery.

Growlers have, of course, been available in Vermont for a while, but a quirky twist to our laws here required that these growlers be filled “from the source”; that is they had to be filled by a brewer at the brewery where the beer was produced. They could then be sold in other places after that, but as all of you know, the shelf life of this type of beer is not conducive to wide distribution without significant loss of quality. The sale of growlers in Vermont outside of that relatively narrow definition were not legal… until recently. In an effort pioneered by two retailers (the Hunger Mountain Coop in Montpelier and the Bennington Beverage Outlet in Bennington, of course), supported heavily by many members of the Vermont Brewers Association as well as a large group of the State’s beverage retailers, the Vermont Department of Liquor Control (DLC) has begun to push forward a rule change that will eventually loosen, significantly, the rules governing the sale of growler-based beer in this state. Like many things in life, this pending rule change has a story behind it… and the story does not have and ending, yet.

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Hunger Mountain's Growler Night
Patrick Luce (left) at Hunger Mountain's Growler Night