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From the HopPress: Made in Vermont – The Deep South

From the HopPress: Made in Vermont - The Deep South

My latest featured article for RateBeer’s The HopPress… posted on Saturday, March 5th.

This is the last article in my 4-part series on the 21 breweries that can be found within the borders of this very small state. This final chapter of the series will focus on the southern most portion of the state. Both the people population and the breweries are spread farther apart in this region than in the other 3 regions that we have discussed so far, but that takes nothing away from the availability of their beer to the rest of us. In fact, two of the breweries in this southern region are among the largest in the state and have their beer distributed state-wide as well as outside of the state’s boundaries.

The three previous articles in the series, in the order that they appeared, are:

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From the HopPress: Made in Vermont - The Deep South

From the HopPress: A Brewer’s Best

From the HopPress: Made in Vermont - A Brewer's Best

My latest featured article for RateBeer’s The HopPress… posted on Saturday, January 22nd.

Like many of you, keeping up with the deluge of e-mails, RSS feed articles, Facebook pages or people, tweets and the like can be pretty overwhelming at times. I sort through hundreds and hundreds of them each week and that does not even begin to include what I see at work during the same period of time. Some of this, of course, I bring upon myself through my insistence on subscribing to as many beer-related sites, pages and newsletters as possible in order to keep my pulse on this beloved industry and I must admit that it is a “burden” that I will continue to willingly bear!

Earlier this week I received a “Friend of Harpoon” newsletter, which is distributed by the folks at Harpoon Brewery. “Friend of Harpoon” is a fan club of sorts for people who enjoy Harpoon’s fine selection of beers; which I definitely do. As a club member, you are entitled to the newsletter, of course, which contains a listing of upcoming Harpoon events and special news about just about everything else Harpoon-related. They even issue a membership card to their “Friends”, which can be used to collect member-only discounts at events and at the Harpoon company stores… but I digress. This particular edition of the newsletter also contained an announcement of the 35th beer to be released in Harpoon’s “100 Barrel Series” of beers; a rebrew/reformulation of a previously released beer, called Catamount Maple Wheat, which was also #26 in the series.

My interest in this beer was not so much its imminent release (early February), though I did like it the first time they produced it, but it really got me to thinking about other brewers that have their own special series of beers that they distribute only seasonally, at odd times (when the whim strikes them) or on an annual schedule. As I poked around on Ratebeer, I first discovered that there are, in fact, quite a number of brewers that do this and, secondly, some the beers in these “brewer’s best” series of beers are some of my favorite beers from those brewers.

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Long Trail Brewing Attains Federal SHARP Recognition

Project WorkSAFE, Vermont’s Occupational Safety and Health Consultation Program, is pleased to announce that Long Trail Brewing of Bridgewater Corners has successfully completed and met the requirements of the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP).

The company and the Vermont Department of Labor’s, Project WorkSAFE Program began working on the certification process over 12 months ago.

“We applaud the employees and management of Long Trail Brewing in this accomplishment, especially in these tough economic times” said Scott Meyer, Manager of Project WorkSAFE.

“We are excited about Long Trail’s continued leadership as a Vermont based brewer”, said Brian Walsh, President of Long Trail Brewing. Walsh went on to emphasize, “The SHARP recognition is an extension of the company’s passion to make award winning beer, but with emphasis on a safe and healthy environment for our brewing team.”

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From the Hop Press: Back to the Future of Organic Beer

The Hop Press

My latest featured article for RateBeer’s The Hop Press… posted on Saturday, January 9th.

There are in today’s marketplace many examples of beer being sold as “organic”. Today we will look at what it means to be organic, examine a brief history of the organic beer movement and a look at how this type of beer may be fairing among beer drinkers.

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#880 – Long Trail Imperial Porter

One their new “Brewmaster & Limited Edition Series”. Like many quality craft brewers these days, Long Trail has created this growing collection of “premium beers” for those looking for stepped up quality . The series currently includes their “Coffee Stout”, “Double IPA” and this “Imperial Porter”. Now the details…

Pours a very dark black/brown in color with a small tan head that faded to a thin covering over the beer. Some minor lacing on the glass. Aroma is heavy with darkly roasted malts, coffee, toffee/caramel and chocolate. Flavor is a really nicely balanced mix of roasted grains, slightly bitter coffee, creamy caramel and chocolate. Thick and chewy texture. Finish is lingering, medium bitter with dark roasted malts. Alcohol not apparent. This is really good!!

Everything I would have expected from a truly “premium” beer from a quality Vermont brewer. The “Double IPA” was also excellent and I can hardly wait to find the “Coffee Stout”.