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From the HopPress: Outside the Beer – Bottles

My latest featured article for RateBeer’s The HopPress… posted on Saturday, July 10th.

For years my father maintained a eclectic collection of beer bottles and other beer-related paraphernalia. He worked at the Sterling brewery in Evansville, IN during college and this set the stage for a near lifetime of collecting bottles and other odd “beer stuff” that struck his fancy. Pieces of this collection of his were sometimes visible around the house at various times throughout my life; its quantity and location carefully negotiated with my mother I’m sure. All of it now sits in boxes in their basement waiting for its next destination (likely my son). I guess that I was fortunate to discover Ratebeer early enough in my serious craft beer drinking days and simply avoided the need to maintain any kind of a physical beer collection… I have plenty of “stuff” already (my wife agrees). I have to admit though, some of the more interesting pieces of his collection were the various types of beer bottles. While it might be interesting in a future article to look, historically, at beer bottles, today I will examine the state of the beer bottle in the current marketplace. Beer bottles over the years have taken many forms and shapes, but today, while there is still some variation by brewer and by region, most bottles today fall into just a few major/broad types and sizes.

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