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From the HopPress: Just a little bit different…

From the HopPress: Just a little bit different...

My latest featured article for RateBeer’s The HopPress… posted on Saturday, February 19th.

I had a couple of things come across my desk this week that got me thinking about beer that some might consider to be a little bit to the left (or right) of center. I am talking about beer that most would consider “unusual”; not the typical hops, malt and yeast lineage that the vast majority of the beer that we all drink can be categorized as. These are beers that I would consider to be unusual because of their name, ingredients or marketing approach. I feel compelled to make the disclaimer that I have not tried very many of these beers mentioned in this article… but I would want to, just for the pure novelty of having done so.

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From the HopPress: Made in Vermont – Burlington Region

From the HopPress: Made in Vermont - Burlington Region

My latest featured article for RateBeer’s The HopPress… posted on Saturday, November 6th.

As I have said before, Vermont is Beer Country! Back in 2009 the Brewers Association declared Vermont as having the highest per capita concentration of breweries of any state in the land (Breweries Per Capita). This awesome designation was awarded based on the 2008 Vermont census and the presence of, at the time, 19 craft beer breweries within the state’s borders. That’s 19 breweries for Vermont’s 621,270 citizens or about one brewery for every 32,698 Vermonters. Breweries have come and gone since that time and, as a result, Vermont has added a net of 2 new breweries, for a current total of 21. With approximately the same population as in 2008, this means that there is now about 1 brewery for every 29,584 Vermonters. I think that it is very unlikely that any state has surpassed this outstanding people/brewery ratio since these figures were last published.

Some of my fellow HopPress writers have presented a tour of the breweries in their own states, so I thought that it would be only right that I do the same for Vermont. With there being 21 of them, I will not spend the time in this article attempting to cover all of them; that would end up being quite long and pretty boring. Instead I will talk, first, about the 7 breweies located in only one region of the state… the greater northwestern portion of the state, which I will call the “Burlington” region, named after our largest city (pop. 38,647 in 2009).

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Courtesy of Vermont Brewers Association

From the HopPress: The Session #43: The New Brew Kids

The Session #43: The New Brew Kids

My latest featured article for RateBeer’s The HopPress… posted on Saturday, September 4th.

I am taking a step away from the type of article that you normally read from me to participate in something that has become somewhat of a beer writer’s tradition; The Session. The Session is a group writing project that was conceived by Stan Hieronymus of Appellation Beer. This is an opportunity for beer writers/bloggers all over the world to “gather” and write about a single beer-related topic on the first Friday of every month. Each month the Session is hosted by an esteemed beer writer/blogger on their own site. Writers post their articles to their own blog and leave a link to their article in a comment on the host writer’s beer blog. The host writer then posts a summary article at the end of the Session highlighting some of the other articles that were written. As you can see by the session number this project has been going on for a while.

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