I have been fortunate to do many fun and meaningful things in my life…
  • Peace Corps Volunteer/Secondary School Teacher – Pendembu, Sierra Leone, West Africa)
  • Construction project manager/estimator – Jamieson, Inc.
  • Middle School Science/Computer teacher (7th & 8th graders) – Camels Hump Middle School
  • Database application developer (5 years)
  • President/CEO/Co-Founder – Network Performance, Inc. (12 years)
  • Dir. of Operations/COO – Vermont Foodbank
  • Vice-President of Information Technology and CTO – VSECU (10 years)
  • Manager, Software Development – Vermont Mutual Insurance Group
  • Technical Solutions Architect – Fiserv, Inc./Open Solutions Division
  • Director, Technology Solutions Group – Cornerstone Advisors of Arizona
  • Retired and *Actively* Seeking New Adventures

Bragging rights

  • As a technology user, I have had the unique experience of:
    • Using the Apple I and the original Macintosh
    • Using the first portable/luggable computer
    • Using the original IBM PC with DOS v1.0
    • Using the earliest “publicly available” versions of MS Windows
    • I started using Ubuntu Linux v5.04 (more than 15 years ago).
  • I have been been in a relationship with and married to the same person for over 40 years.

I am *always* planning my next “adventure”…

I hope that you enjoy what you read here and come back often to share in my beer adventures!