The Koenemann Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkey

Well… its all over but the leftovers and the heady aroma of the beginnings of turkey soup simmering away on the stove. After nearly a week of preparation, my wife Candy presented my kids and me with a truly magnificent dinner early this afternoon. In spite of her disappointment that it was just four of us this year (not that she really minded spending the day with her family, of course), she put together one of the best Thanksgiving meals in my recent memory. For me, everything was perfect… for Candy, she seemed happy with the meal… translated for all of the rest of you, that means that she thought that she had done a good job. Candy is a terrific cook (just looking at me you can tell), but she is hesitant to praise her own efforts without good cause… she is really a perfectionist when it comes to cooking for others.

Our children, Cindy and Jamie, have now headed back to their respective homes in the Burlington area… boxes and bags of Thanksgiving leftovers and other items retrieved from the “Koenemann Family Store” in hand. They both got a good natured, but stern warning from me to be careful of the weather if they ventured out into the early morning craziness of the “Black Friday” shopping phenomenon… not something that you would never catch me within 10 miles of. The weather here is supposed to turn quite nasty around midnight… sleet, snow and freezing rain… and that is to continue until around noon tomorrow. None of us have to work tomorrow, so there is not pressing need to be out and about in such crappy weather. I fully intend to enjoy a nice quiet day off tomorrow. I originally was supposed to have a nice 4-day weekend, but a very large, complicated and high risk system upgrade project got moved to this weekend and I expect to be up most of the night on Saturday working on that… not alone this time, fortunately. The “why” of how this project got scheduled for this weekend I’ll leave to another time… it is a sad tale!

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Meal

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