From the HopPress: Reflections on 1000 Beers

My latest featured article for RateBeer’s The HopPress… posted on Saturday, June 12th.

I recently reached one of those “important” milestones with my Ratebeer beer collection… my 1,000th beer rating. While I am sure that there are some Ratebeerians that would laugh at such a paltry number of ratings (the “top dog”, rating-wise, on Ratebeer is rapidly approaching 17,000 ratings!), for me the actual process of collecting these ratings is much more important than the number of ratings. Am I thrilled that I attained this milestone… absolutely, but the story and the experience of collecting that rating will always mean much more to me than the fact that it was my 1,000th. I have written before about how serious I am about collecting “experiences” along the way, rather than just simply beers.

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