Toyota Refuses Support of Pints for Prostates

A bizarre decision from a sport that used to be sponsored by tobacco companies… whose products have cause the early death of millions of people world-wide… Toyota Racing has declined to allow entry of a Pints for Prostates design for their national advertising campaign “Sponsafy a car“. The reason given for rejecting the design was that it “Contains offensive or inappropriate content.” Anyone looking at the proposed design can plainly see that it does not!

Head on over to Pints for Prostates organizer Rick Lyke’s “Lyke2Drink” blog site for the full details, including a picture of the proposed design. As Rick points out, there is still time for the Pints for Prostates ride to be part of the Toyota Sponsafy promotion and with your help we can make it happen. Please send a quick email to Kym Strong ( of Toyota Motorsports and Greg Thome ( of Toyota Corporate Communications. Use the subject line “Race the Pints for Prostates Car.”

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