From The Hop Press: Hangovers 101

My latest featured article for RateBeer’s Hop Press… posted on Saturday, December 26th.

With Thanksgiving over and now Christmas past, everyone’s attention turns to planning for their New Year’s celebration. I don’t really have a regular plan for the New Year’s Eve. Some years it is out with friends to party it up and other years it is a quiet affair at home. This year is probably going to be the latter. Regardless of what the plan for the evening might be, something that has played a part in a few too many of my New Year Day’s rituals has been dealing with a hangover. As stated succinctly on the Web site, “Hangovers are caused by drinking too much alcohol”. Yep, I got it… the root cause of the problem has never really been in doubt, but let’s look a little closer at this “dreaded” phenomenon.

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