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Maybe its is my work in technology, but I seem to get tired of some things quickly. My marriage has lasted nearly 28 years, but that has been easy compared to other, more technical, challenges in my life. Starting today when you visit the site, you will notice a few changes:

  • A new theme – the old beer-oriented theme had quite few problems that irritated me enough over time for me to give up on it. The new theme imitates Google’s new Chrome browser interface, which I happen to like… a lot. It is a lean and mean interface that is well designed and eliminates some of the problems that I was having with the previous “beer” theme. Feedback about this new theme would be appreciated, of course.
  • Google Ads in the sidebar – I can hear it now… I sold out. Truth is, this site costs me some bucks to host and the ads are not intrusive and might just produce something to offset the production costs. No pressure, of course… clicking on one of these is entirely optional… but any clicks would be appreciated.
  • Expanded Pages – I have put in place some additional pages for the site (Ratings, Links, Gallery and Events). These are mostly empty at the point, but I expect to fill the rest of them with worthwhile information soon. All of this positions me to make this a more full-featured site than it is currently… hopefully providing some additional benefit for site visitors.

Thank you for your support… 🙂

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