Rock Art Wins “Monster” Battle!

Late in the day on Wednesday Rock Art Brewery, makers of “The Vermonster” beer, and Hansen Beverage Company, makers of Monster energy drinks, reached an agreement that will allow Rock Art to continue to use the name “Vermonster” for its beer, so long as it stays out of the energy drink market.

Matt Nadeau, Rock Art owner, is ecstatic, but is still adamant that there needs to be additional trademark reform that would prevent similar situations (big corporation bullies abusing the small business owners) from happening in the future.

The month-long battle was fought on two fronts… Rock Art and the lawyers fighting the legal battle against Hansen in the courts and the very public battle waged on-line and in the media by craft brewers and other concerned individuals. Hansen had their hands full on both fronts. It quickly became evident, to many, that Hansen’s legal pursuit of the Vermontster name was probably not going to hold up in court and, perhaps more significantly, Hansen’s reputation as a beverage manufacturer began to take a real beating in the marketplace as beverage retailers, distributors and tens of thousands of everyday consumers rallied against Hansen’s efforts against Rock Art.

Stay tuned for an official statement from Rock Art at their Web site…

It’s nice to see the little guy win for a change… and justifiably so! Thanks everyone for your help in winning this epic battle against “evil”!!

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