High & Mighty Beer Co. – St. Hubbins Abbey Dubbel

Poured a clear darkish amber in color with a foamy white head that produced some lacing on the glass. Aroma is fairly strong of floral hops… not really any of the Belgian yeastiness that I expected… Is this not supposed to be a Dubbel? Wow… even the flavor is much more reminiscent of a hoppy beer, like a bitter ale. There are, however, at least some elements of the Belgian Dubbel it is supposed to be… faint hint of coriander (mostly in the finish) and bitter orange (just adds to the hoppy bitterness). Finish is lingering and bitter. While I am not, at all, disappointed with this beer… I really *do* like a hoppy beer, it was not at all what I expected for a beer called an “Abbey Dubbel”… Had they had called it an ESB (Extra Special Bitter), it would have been much more accurate, I think… I enjoyed this beer…

Site Updates…

For those of you that have visited this site before, you’ll see that I have been working to add some new features to the site. This is my first public blog, so I am still playing around a bit with the various features, functions and add-ons for WordPress. Among the changes that you will see in today’s round of updates are:

Activation of the “Polling” widget on the right side bar. I am interested in what you think about my site and would like suggestions for improvement as comments to this post… please try to be kind, even if you do not like something I have done.

I have entered the VTHopHead blog into some of the big blog catalogs available on the Internet. These will begin to improve my blog’s visibility to others and make it easier to find.

I have linked this blog’s comments into the DISQUS Comments system (www.disqus.com). This powerful add-on not only provides spam protection, a comments tracking widget and threaded comments, but also links blog comments in to a Web-wide network of other blogs using DISQUS for their comments… Twitter uses this, for example. I visit a lot of blogs and the idea of maintaining a single DISQUS profile to track all of my comments made to these blogs is appealing to me.

Upcoming Events – Beverage Warehouse “tastings”

The Beverage Warehouse in Winooski is, without question, Vermont’s best place to “browse for beer”… I swear that I cannot leave that place without dropping $100 (or more!) for beer. They have more than 450 beers (“The most in Vermont”) and with the change in the state beer laws last summer, they are really starting to stock some truely fine beers. They also offer a “Free Pint Glass Friday” event most weeks… on 2/20 they will be hosting Vermont’s own Magic Hat Brewery and on 2/27 they will be hosting two great breweries… Brooklyn and Stone. Stone Brewery is one of my very favorite brew makers.

The Beverage Warehouse site can be found at http://www.beveragewarehousevt.com.

Jeff Baker, BW’s Beer and Wine Manager, has an excellent and very up to date blog at http://bwbeerlog.blogspot.com. Jeff keeps the rest of us abreast of new beer arrivals, BW events and other important information.

Daytona beer…

I am sitting here watching the Daytona 500. I didn’t have any Bud Light or other, more traditional, NASCAR-type beer. I did have some Molson XXX “Super Premium”, which I recently purchased for another “event”, and decided that would have to do. I have had this one before, so there is no new RateBeer rating for this, but my previous opinion of this beer seems to hold up. Very much in the tradition of other Canadian lagers, but more reminicent of the beer that you get in Canada with a bit higher alcohol content… not the less likable stuff that they export. I am enjoying it and, so far, the race has not been too bad… they always wait too late in the day to start this stuff… like the Super Bowl!

Berkshire Brewing Co. – Imperial Stout

Poured a very dark black-brown in color with a light tan head that really stuck around. Carbonation level is fairly low though. Aroma is of dark roasted malts and chocolate with a slight sweetness (caramel?). Flavor is a nice mix of dark roasted malts, dark chocolate, hoppy bitterness and a medium malty sweetness… all of which blend very well together. Sweetness lingers into the finish as does the flavor of chocolate. Not the best Imperial Stout I have had, but quite far from the worst… I’d seek this one out again.

Welcome to VTHopHead.com!

Welcome to VTHopHead.com! Please check back periodically to see how this blog morphs into a worthwhile place to find out about and trade ideas concerning one of my favorite things… BEER!